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AudioQuest Diamondback 1m (3.28 ft.) Single XLR Audio Cable

AudioQuest  Diamondback 1m (3.28 ft.) Single XLR Audio Cable

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  • New AudioQuest for sale. AudioQuest Diamondback Single XLR to XLR. XLR Terminated deals
Top Features
  • 3 x 22 AWG Solid Perfect-Surface Copper Conductors
  • 22 AWG Solid Tinned Copper Drainwire
  • Polyethylene Air Tube Insulation

SKU# 98758


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AudioQuest Diamondback 1m (3.28 ft.) Single XLR Audio Cable

Many sophisticated design techniques, superior materials, and an exceptional termination system combine to make Diamondback possible. The result will put more than a scare into most cost-no-object cables.
Diamondback is Double-Balanced. This means there are identical insulated conductors for the positive and negative connections, in addition to a separate conductor underneath the 100% coverage foil shield. The great advantage of this design, over even the very effective symmetrical conductor system in AQ Sidewinder and Copperhead, is that the shield is only attached at one end, providing extremely effective shielding without contaminating the quality of the negative conducting path.

Solid conductors prevent strand interaction, a major source of cable distortion. Perfect-Surface Copper (PSC) minimizes distortion caused by grain boundaries which exist within any metal conductor, nearly eliminating harshness and greatly increasing clarity compared to OFHC, OCC, 8N and other coppers.

Air is the best insulation because it does not absorb and later release energy. The PE Air-Tubes used in Diamondback have almost nothing but air around the PSC conductors.

The 3 conductors in 'Triple Balanced' Diamondback cable insure that whether prepared with RCA or XLR plugs, the positive and negative signals have equally low distortion conducting paths. The 100% coverage shield is never used as an inferior audio conductor.

8,000 amps is used to weld RCA plugs to Diamondback, creating a perfect connection alloy where the cable and plug meet. A thick direct-silver plating provides the best possible connection.

Diamondback`s plugs are Resistance Welded to the cable in a process which sends 8,000 amperes of current through the junction of conductor and plug for 33 millionths of a second. The heat resulting from the resistance of the metals locally liquefies the conductor and the plug, creating a single material alloy where the two meet. An ideal connection that puts any solder to shame.

Diamondback`s silver plated RCA plugs use a patented design that eliminates the distortion caused by the extra contact inside most plugs. Because the ground shells are stamped instead of machined, the metal can be chosen for low distortion instead of for its machinability.

A combination of these major ingredients, and many more subtle details add up to explain how Diamondback can sound so clean, clear and dynamic.
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Product ID 98758
UPC 092592041035
Brand AudioQuest
SKU 98758
Manufacturers Part Number Diamondback 1m (3.28 ft.)
Manufacturer Warranty 5 Year Limited
Length (meters) 1 meters
Length (Feet) 3.28

AudioQuest Warranty Included:

5 Year Limited