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Monster Cable 800HD2M 2m (6.56 ft.) High Speed HDMI Cable

Monster Cable  800HD2M 2m (6.56 ft.) High Speed HDMI Cable

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  • New Monster Cable for sale. Monster Cable 800HD 2M 2m 6.56 ft.. HDMI Video Cable deals.
Top Features
  • Advanced HDMI cable for 1080p picture
  • Advanced-high speed rated.
  • For the latest generation of HDTVs & equipment
  • Nitrogen injected gas dielectric
  • Gold plated heavy duty metal strain relief
  • Gold plated heavy duty connector shield

SKU# 91605


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Monster Cable 800HD2M 2m (6.56 ft.) High Speed HDMI Cable


Advanced High Speed Digital Video and Audio Cable for Higher Data Rates, Greater Color Depth, and High Resolution Digital Sound

Unleash the Power of Your PS3® and Xbox 360™ with Monster Technology and Construction
HDMI® 800HD is your link to pulse-pounding HD gaming on your high definition home theater. Whether you`re in the center of the action at the controls of your PlayStation® 3 or Xbox 360™, or watching a 1080p DVD (like a Blu-ray™ Disc on your PS3), 800HD boosts the bandwidth for ultra-accurate, ultra-fast digital signal transfer. That means you`re not just playing, you`re in the game. Graphics are sharper and more detailed. Colors are richer and more lifelike. And sounds are explosive. Bring the home theater gaming experience to life with 800HD.

Monster Advanced for HDMI Performance Guarantees
Your Monster Advanced cable for HDMI is covered by the Monsters Live Forever Full Lifetime Warranty the best warranty in the business. See packaging for full details.

Monster Advanced for HDMI Performance Capabilities:

8 - 14-Bit Color**
For Lifelike Color Transitions

Greater cable capacity for support of 16-bit color, also called Deep Color™, available from advanced HD sources and displays. Greater color depth, from 8-bit to 16-bit, allows more detailed gradations of individual colors for the display of billions of colors.

Dolby® TrueHD and DTS-HD™
Lossless Surround Sound
Greater cable bandwidth for support of Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD lossless surround sound, available on Blu-ray Disc™ and HD DVD™ movies.

120/240 Hz**
Faster Speed for Smooth Motion Video

Ideal for AV sources and HDTVs with up to 240 Hz frame/refresh rates.

Higher Definition Video

Support for ultra-high definition 1080p video. A 1080p HDTV picture features 1,080 progressive lines of vertical resolution every frame.

Monster 3D
Ready for 3D Displays

Newer 3D movies and games supply two video streams each at 1080p Full HD. With this doubling in bandwidth, the HDMI 800HD is ready to handle it all with capacity to spare.

For Superior Cable Connections

Many HDMI cables disconnect easily when moved during cleaning or when placed on an articulating mount. The exclusive Monster V-Grip connector increases retention force for a more reliable connection.

Support for HDMI Ethernet Channel: Networked Gear, Fewer Cables
HDMI Ethernet Channel
This all-in-one HDMI cable can share your Internet connection with multiple devices. No separate Ethernet cable needed.

HDMI is a data superhighway for digital video and audio. For the best highdefinition experience, use an HDMI cable that delivers all the picture and sound data your HD components require. Get all your HDMI questions answered at MonsterCable.com/HDMI.

Support for Audio Return
Channel: Better Sound, Fewer Cables

Transfer uncompressed surround sound from your HDTV with digital tuner to your AV receiver or surround sound controller. No extra audio cable needed.

*Cable data rates measured with jitter under unequalized conditions. Data rates vary over longer lengths.
** Availability of advanced audio/video features is dependent on the capabilities of your components and display.
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Additional Information

Product ID 91605
UPC 050644502019
Brand Monster Cable
SKU 91605
Manufacturers Part Number 800HD2M 2m (6.56 ft.)
Manufacturer Warranty Monster Cable Lifetime Product Warranty
Length (meters) 2.0 meters
Length (Feet) 6.56

Monster Cable Warranty Included:

Monster Cable Lifetime Product Warranty