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Canon EOS Rebel SL1 1855mm Kit 18-megapixel Digital SLR with EF-S 18-55mm IS STM Lens

New Canon for sale. Canon EOS Rebel SL1 18 55mm Kit. Interchangeable Lens Camera deals.

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Top Features
  • Smallest Canon Digital SLR ever!
  • 9–point AF system
  • Touch Screen Wide 3.0" Clear View II
  • 18.0 Megapixel CMOS sensor with Digic 5

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What's in the box
  • EOS Rebel SL1 Body
  • EF–S 18–55mm f/3.5–5.6 IS STM lens
  • Eyecup Ef (Not shown)
  • Battery Pack LP–E12
  • Battery Charger LC–E12
  • Wide Strap EW–300D
  • USB Interface Cable IFC–130U
  • EOS Digital Solution Disc
  • Software Instruction Manual CD
  • Camera Instruction Manual

Canon EOS Rebel SL1 1855mm Kit 18-megapixel Digital SLR with EF-S 18-55mm IS STM Lens

As the world's smallest and lightest digital SLR camera*the new EOS Rebel SL1 is small in size but enormous in performance. With a newly–designed Canon 18.0 Megapixel CMOS (APS–C) sensor and speedy Canon DIGIC 5 Image Processor, it delivers images of extraordinary quality – ideal for those stepping up from a smartphone or compact camera. An impressive ISO range of 100–12800 (expandable to H: 25600) for stills and 100–6400 (expandable to H: 12800) for video plus up to 4.0 fps continuous shooting make this camera the go–to for any photo opportunity, even in dim lighting or when capturing fast action subjects. And Hybrid CMOS AF II delivers accurate AF tracking during Live View shooting, helping ensure your photos and movies are crisp and clear. The EOS Rebel SL1 makes amazing movies with Canon EOS Full HD Movie Mode with Movie Servo AF, working in concert with Canon STM lenses for smooth and quiet continuous AF. In addition to its Optical Viewfinder, the EOS Rebel SL1 has a bright, wide Touch Screen 3.0" Clear View LCD monitor II, perfect for viewing a number of special scene modes and Creative Filters available in real–time display. Here is the DSLR you'll want to bring with you everyday and ignite your imagination!*Among digital SLR cameras which use APS–C size equivalent sensors. As of March 1, 2013, based on Canon's research.
Amazing Capture and Processing Power, Astonishingly Compact.
World`s smallest and lightest digital SLR camera* featuring a newly–developed 18.0 Megapixel CMOS (APS–C) sensor, ISO 100–12800 (expandable to H: 25600) for stills and ISO 100–6400 (expandable to H: 12800) for videos for shooting from bright to dim light, and high performance DIGIC 5 Image Processor for exceptional image quality and speed. For ultra portability with a minimal footprint, the EOS Rebel SL1 is the world`s smallest and lightest digital SLR camera*. Weighing in at approximately 13 ounces, the EOS Rebel SL1`s astonishingly compact size does not compromise its excellent performance as a member of the Canon EOS family: it features an 18.0 Megapixel CMOS (APS–C) sensor, the speedy DIGIC 5 Image Processor, a wide ISO range for both stills and video, and advanced AF performance. Designed for entry–level DSLR users, the EOS Rebel SL1 ensures performance and operation while still remaining compact.

18.0 Megapixel CMOS (APS–C) sensor
The EOS Rebel SL1 features a newly–developed Canon 18.0 Megapixel CMOS (Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor) sensor in the world`s smallest and lightest digital SLR*. Perfect for enlargements or for cropping detailed portions of the composition, the camera`s sensor captures images with exceptional clarity and tonal range. This first–class sensor features many of the same technologies used by professional Canon cameras to maximize each pixel`s light–gathering efficiency and has center pixels that aid in the EOS Rebel SL1`s accurate AF performance. This APS–C size sensor creates an effective 1.6x field of view (compared to 35mm format).

ISO 100–12800 (expandable to H: 25600) for stills; ISO 100–6400 (expandable to H: 12800) for videos
Thanks to its DIGIC 5 Image Processor, the EOS Rebel SL1 features an ISO range of ISO 100–12800 (expandable to H: 25600) for stills and ISO 100–6400 (expandable to H: 12800) for videos that makes shooting possible in situations previously unthinkable without flash. The EOS Rebel SL1, with the DIGIC 5 Image Processor`s remarkable noise–reduction technology, performs brilliantly in low–light shooting. Used with one of Canon`s EF or EF–S lenses with Optical Image Stabilizer, the EOS Rebel SL1 can record beautiful images and video even when light sources are scarce.

DIGIC 5 Image Processor
The EOS Rebel SL1`s DIGIC 5 Image Processor works with the camera`s CMOS sensor to deliver images with incredible detail in more situations, without the need for artificial light sources. With the power of the DIGIC 5 Image Processor, the EOS Rebel SL1 can achieve higher ISO sensitivity, can shoot up to 4.0 fps continuously and can even perform advanced functions like displaying art filters in real time, new scene modes, lens correction and much more. The camera`s brilliant imaging core supercharges every facet of still and moving image capture.

*Among digital SLR cameras which use APS–C size equivalent sensors. As of March 1, 2013, based on Canon`s research.

Never Miss a Moment!
High–speed continuous shooting up to 4.0 fps allows you to capture the action. High–speed continuous shooting. The EOS Rebel SL1 can shoot up to 4.0 frames per second (fps) for up to approximately 7 consecutive RAW files or approximately 28 full–resolution JPEGs. Shooting at speeds of up to 1/4000 sec., the EOS Rebel SL1 can capture even rapidly unfolding scenes with ease.

True HD Performance, Rebel Simplicity.
EOS Full HD Movie mode with Movie Servo AF for continuous focus tracking of moving subjects, manual exposure control and multiple frame rates (1080: 30p (29.97) / 24p (23.976) / 25p, 720: 60p (59.94) / 50p, 480: 30p (29.97) / 25p), built–in monaural microphone, manual audio level adjustment, and Video Snapshot with editing for expanded movie shooting options. The EOS Rebel SL1 offers easy–to–use, professional video capture without compromise. Capable of shooting in a number of recording sizes and frame rates, the EOS Rebel SL1 offers outstanding video capturing performance, quality and simplicity. The EOS Rebel SL1 enables easy manual control of exposure, focus and Live View features, even in–camera editing! Movie Servo AF allows continuous autofocus tracking of moving subjects while recording video. When shooting video with one of Canon`s STM lenses, Movie Servo AF takes advantage of the lens` stepping motor for smooth and quiet continuous AF. With an STM lens attached, the EOS Rebel SL1 meets high standards for SLR moviemaking performance!

Built–in monaural microphone
The EOS Rebel SL1 has an internal monaural microphone for audio capture and a wind filter feature to reduce wind noise when shooting outdoors. Sound recording levels can be manually (up to 64 different levels) or automatically controlled. A built–in attenuator is also provided to reduce audio clipping. For more advanced audio recording, the EOS Rebel SL1 is compatible with many third–party electret condenser microphones with a 3.5mm diameter plug.

Video Snapshot
With the Video Snapshot feature, the EOS Rebel SL1 can capture short video clips (of 2, 4 or 8 seconds) then combine them automatically into one video file as a snapshot or highlights "album". With no editing needed after shooting, the compiled video is perfect for sharing online or displaying directly on an HDTV via the camera`s HDMI port. Additionally, stills can be recorded during video shooting simply by pressing the camera`s shutter button. During playback, video clips in an album can be reordered or deleted.

Touch Screen Wide 3.0–inch Clear View LCD monitor II
Using capacitive touch screen technology similar to today`s popular mobile devices, the EOS Rebel SL1`s gorgeous LCD monitor is touch–sensitive, delivering intuitive operation with ease. Two–finger touch gestures can be used for zooming or changing images. Menu and quick control settings can be accessed, and focus point and shutter release can be activated with the touch of a fingertip using Touch AF. Displaying fine detail (at approximately 1.04 million dots), the camera`s Touch Screen Wide 3.0–inch Clear View LCD monitor II is perfect for composing and reviewing images. Thanks to a new, solid construction between the monitor`s resin–coated cover and the liquid crystal display, reflections are minimized, and the display can be viewed, without glare, from any number of angles. The LCD`s surface is treated with a smudge–resistant coating to minimize fingerprints and to maintain a bright, clear image display.

9–point AF system
When shooting through the viewfinder, the EOS Rebel SL1 has exceptional autofocus with a sophisticated 9–point AF system, including a high–precision dual–cross f/2.8 center point, for accurate focus whether the camera is oriented in portrait or landscape position. A proven AI Servo AF system achieves and maintains consistent focus with an exceptional degree of reliability.

Canon`s amazing Hybrid CMOS AF System is perfect for shooting photos and video in Live View. Combining two different kinds of AF – phase and contrast detection – and aided by pixels on the camera`s CMOS sensor that assist in predicting subject location, continuous focus tracking becomes faster and more accurate than ever before in Live View. And with the EOS Rebel SL1 you`ll get Hybrid CMOS AF II, which provides the same fantastic performance as the original but boasts an increased AF area that covers approximately 80% of the sensor for easier composition. This performance is enhanced further by Canon`s line of STM lenses, which provide smooth and quiet operation.

Optical Viewfinder with approx. 0.87x magnification
In addition to its amazing multi–touch screen, the EOS Rebel SL1 also sports an Optical Viewfinder, ideal for composing shots when shooting in bright conditions or capturing the moment as it unfolds. Shooting with the Optical Viewfinder also ensures steadier images. The viewfinder displays exposure, AF, flash, plus other relevant image information right along with the image. The 0.87x magnification factor ensures that subjects are easier to find and track.

Scene Intelligent Auto mode
The EOS Rebel SL1 features Scene Intelligent Auto mode, which incorporates a number of Canon technologies to deliver the best possible exposure. Joining Picture Style Auto, Automatic Lighting Optimizer, Automatic White Balance, Autofocus, and Automatic Exposure, Scene Intelligent Auto mode analyzes the image, accounting for faces, colors, brightness, moving objects, contrast, even whether the camera is handheld or on a tripod, and then chooses the exposure and enhancements that bring out the best in any scene or situation. Users without extensive photography knowledge or experience will not need to puzzle over settings; the Scene Intelligent Auto mode simplifies DSLR image capture so photographers can simply concentrate on composing images

Advanced Creative Filters
Adding to the fun and creative possibilities available with the EOS Rebel SL1, the camera offers seven different creative filters for still images: Art Bold Effect, Water Painting Effect, Miniature Effect, Fisheye Effect, Grainy B/W, Soft Focus and Toy Camera Effect. Each effect can be applied in three different levels (low, standard and strong), and easily previewed on the LCD panel during Live View shooting. The EOS Rebel SL1 also features the new Miniature Effect for Movies. You will be amazed and delighted by the artistry that these creative filters will allow you to create.

Effect Shot mode and Background Simulation
Among the dynamic new features designed to make creative photography both intuitive and fun, the EOS Rebel SL1 has Background Simulation, which makes it easy for beginners to achieve dramatic blurred or sharpened backgrounds. The result is previewed on the LCD screen, so users can see in advance how their final image will look. Plus, a new Effect Shot feature automatically captures two shots simultaneously: one without effect, and one with a preselected Picture Style or Creative Filter effect. This makes it easy to see how each effect changes the photo without compromising the original image. Effect Shot mode is available in both Live View and viewfinder–based shooting, and can easily be viewed immediately in playback mode.

New Special Scene Modes: Kids, Food and Candlelight
The EOS Rebel SL1 has three new easily accessible scene modes to capture the perfect image the first time. Kids mode ensures high–speed shutter priority, focus tracking, healthy skin tones and flash when needed; Food mode delivers bright, vivid food images, limits flash by default and limits the red tint often associated with "restaurant plate" photography. With Candlelight mode, the camera will take care not to blow out the scene, maintaining the glow of the candle, leaving the flash off and reducing exposure fluctuation.

Compatibility with SD/SDHC/SDXC memory cards
including Ultra High Speed cards

The EOS Rebel SL1 uses popular SD, SDHC, SDXC, and is even compatible with Ultra High Speed (UHS–I), memory cards. Compact and available in large capacities, SD, SDHC and SDXC memory cards are a perfect complement to the camera`s compact design.

Additionally, the EOS Rebel SL1 is compatible with Eye–Fi* SD cards, which are outfitted with a Wi–Fi® transmitter (IEEE 802.11b/g) and an internal antenna for wireless, high–speed transfer of images. With an Eye–Fi card installed, the EOS Rebel SL1 can display the Eye–Fi`s connection status and error notes with ease, for fully functional wireless uploading of images directly from the camera.
* Canon cameras are not guaranteed to support Eye–Fi card functions, including wireless transfer. In case of an issue with the Eye–Fi card, please consult with the card manufacturer. The use of Eye–Fi cards may not be available outside the United States and Canada; please contact the card manufacturer for territory availability.

Compatible with EF and EF–S lenses
The EOS Rebel SL1 is compatible with all Canon lenses in the EF lineup, including compact and lightweight EF–S lenses, ranging from ultra–wide angle to super telephoto lenses and including the STM series, like the new EF–S 18–55mm f/3.5–5.6 IS STM, optimized for video shooting. Canon lenses employ advanced optical expertise and micron–precision engineering to deliver outstanding performance and deliver beautiful results. Special technologies like Canon`s Optical Image Stabilizer help to minimize the effect of camera shake, effectively adding up to four stops of light; STM lenses even feature a stepping motor for smooth and quiet continuous autofocus while capturing video. With an array of lenses perfect for travel, sports, still life and everything in between, photographers can truly maximize the quality and performance of their EOS Rebel SL1.
Q & A
Features & Specs

Additional Information

Product ID 120323
UPC 013803222654
Brand Canon
SKU 120323
Manufacturers Part Number EOS Rebel SL1 1855mm Kit
Manufacturer Warranty 1 Year Parts / 1 Year Labor -Carry In Service
Product Weight .81
Detailed Specifications Specifications
  • Digital AF/AE single–lens reflex camera with built–in flash

  • Recording Media
  • SD card, SDHC card, SDXC memory card

  • Image Format
  • Approx. 22.3mm x 14.9mm (APS–C)

  • Compatible Lenses
  • Canon EF lenses (including EF–S lenses)

  • Lens Mount
  • Canon EF mount

  • Image Sensor
  • CMOS Sensor

  • Pixels
  • Effective pixels: Approx. 18.0 megapixels

  • Pixel Unit
  • 4.3
  • Color Black
    Lens Mount Canon EF-S
    Width (inches) 4.60
    Height (inches) 3.57
    Compatbile Battery LP-E12

    Canon Warranty Included:

    1 Year Parts / 1 Year Labor -Carry In Service

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