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  1. Westcott for sale. Westcott Rapid Box Deflector Plate. Lighting Accessory deals.

    Westcott Rapid Box Deflector Plate Attachment

    • Designed for use with Rapid Box.
    • Compatible with the Octa, Octa Mini, and Strip.
    • All–metal highly reflective plate.
    • Easy to carry with the Rapid Box.

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  2. Westcott for sale. Westcott Photo Illusion Lighting Kit. Computer Software deals

    Westcott Photo Illusion Lighting Kit Enhanced Version with New Software

    • Cutting edge instant green screen removal tech.
    • Easy background replacement and wrinkle–free green screen.
    • 2 uLite Contant lights with 1000 watts of power.

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  3. Westcott for sale. Westcott Perfect Pair 2028. Studio Equipment deals

    Westcott Perfect Pair (2028) 2 Light Halo & Apollo Speedlite Kit

    • Built on an umbrella frame
    • Ideal for on-location
    • No adapter ring required
    • Sets up in seconds
    • 140-degree light spread


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  4. Westcott for sale. Westcott Ice Light Power Pack. Lighting Equipment deals

    Westcott Ice Light Power Pack Extended Life Battery

    • Extend and prolong Ice Light run time.
    • 2.5 hours additional run time at full power.
    • Simple to charge, easy to attach and simple to use.
    • Utilizes same charger as Ice Light.

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  5. Westcott for sale. Westcott The Ice Light Light Hero. Lighting Accessory deals.

    Westcott Ice Light Portable Handheld LED light (5500)

    • Portable handheld daylight light-source
    • Fully dimmable, 1,160 lumen LED
    • AC/DC power operation with built-in battery
    • Frosted diffusion front with a wide 72.6-degree beam angle
    • Dual accessory attachments at both ends


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