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Apple MC504LL/A 13.3-inch 1.86GHz 256GB MacBook Air

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Top Features
  • Advanced technology from iPad. Taken to the air.
  • Out-of-the-box flash storage.
  • The best way to Multi-Touch on a notebook.

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What's in the box
  • 45W MagSafe power adapter, AC wall plug, and power cord
  • Printed and electronic documentation
  • Software Reinstall Drive

Apple MC504LL/A 13.3-inch 1.86GHz 256GB MacBook Air

Advanced technology from iPad. Taken to the air.
A truly mobile device needs to be light, thin, and strong enough to take with you wherever you go. It also needs to perform quickly, spring to life instantly, and have enough battery power to keep up with you. It should have no spinning hard drive, no optical drive, and no unnecessary parts. All of that is true of iPad. And now, it?s true of Apple?s most mobile notebook ever: MacBook Air.

All-Flash Storage. Instant-on gratification.
If you have an iPod, iPhone, or iPad, you?re already taking advantage of all that flash storage has to offer: reliability, speed, and efficiency. So the decision to use flash storage in an ultracompact notebook like MacBook Air makes perfect sense. Flash allows you to access data quickly, and it gives MacBook Air the astonishing ability to remain in standby mode for up to 30 days.1 Which means your MacBook Air snaps to in an instant, whether you open it tomorrow, next week, or next month.

Multi-Touch Trackpad. It?s love at first click, tap, and scroll.
The new MacBook Air includes a spacious Multi-Touch trackpad with a buttonless design, so you can click anywhere. The Multi-Touch trackpad also lets you pinch, swipe, or rotate to adjust an image, zoom in on text, or advance through a photo album. Try the four-finger swipe, swiping up or down to use Expos? and swiping left or right to switch among active applications. Or perform the new three-finger drag to move your windows from one place to another.

Long-Lasting Battery. Instant on. Even after a month off.
Since space-saving flash storage leaves room for a bigger battery, you can devote more time to the things you enjoy most. Things like browsing the web, editing photos, and watching videos. Get up to 5 hours of battery life on a single charge on the 11-inch model and up to 7 hours on the 13-inch model. Put MacBook Air to sleep, and it enters standby mode to conserve battery life for up to 30 days.1 When you come back to your MacBook Air and open it up, it?s on in an instant. So you?re free to go off the grid knowing you?re still on a charge.

High-Resolution Display. Millions of pixels. Millimeters thin.
Corner to corner and pixel by pixel, the display on the new MacBook Air is both an engineering feat and a design breakthrough. It measures a mere 4.86 millimeters (0.19 inch) thin, yet the resolution is so high, you?ll feel like you?re looking at a much larger screen. And with good reason. The 11-inch MacBook Air features a widescreen 16:9 aspect ratio and a resolution equal to that of a typical 13-inch notebook, while the 13-inch MacBook Air wows with a resolution equivalent to a typical 15-inch notebook.

FaceTime Camera. Hello, iPhone. (You too, iPod touch.)
Hidden inside the wafer-thin MacBook Air display is another engineering achievement ? the FaceTime camera. It?s so thin (even thinner than the camera on iPhone 4) you barely notice it, but it?s incredibly capable. Using the new FaceTime for Mac application, currently in beta, you can make FaceTime calls over Wi-Fi with anyone who has a Mac, an iPhone 4, or the new iPod touch. And the video quality is so good, you can even chat in low-light conditions. Learn more about FaceTime for Mac

Stereo Speakers. Heard but not seen.
Despite its compact form, MacBook Air delivers full stereo sound. Space-efficient design inside the enclosure allows for the placement of left and right speakers that project sound through the keyboard. So you?re able to enjoy a richer audio experience while chatting online, watching TV shows, listening to music, or playing games.

NVIDIA GeForce Graphics. Power in motion.
MacBook Air features the NVIDIA GeForce 320M graphics processor ? the same one used in the 13-inch MacBook Pro. With a performance boost of over 2x that of the previous-generation MacBook Air,2 the NVIDIA graphics processor provides outstanding speed and power for browsing photos, watching movies, or playing games. It also makes all the everyday things you do on MacBook Air ? like writing email and surfing the web ? fast and energy efficient.

Small in size. Big on performance.
MacBook Air weighs less than three pounds, but it?s a heavyweight where it counts. Intel Core 2 Duo processors get the work done fast. So you can be every bit as productive on MacBook Air ? but in more places. Live-blog the event of the year straight from the convention floor. Perfect your sales-winning presentation from the airport terminal. Cite references down to a T from the library stacks. MacBook Air lets you do everything you need to do whenever and wherever it needs to be done.

Connectivity. You?re free to go.
To be truly mobile, you need to go wireless. That?s why MacBook Air features 802.11n Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR. Wireless connectivity allows you to browse the web, send email, and print documents.3 It also lets you download music, videos, and ? coming soon with the Mac App Store ? applications. No matter where you are. MacBook Air has you covered when you?re staying in one place for a while, too. Two USB 2.0 ports, an SD card slot (on the 13-inch model), and a headphone minijack give you plenty of options. And a Mini DisplayPort connects to a 27-inch Apple LED Cinema Display, projector, or HDTV for those times when you?re looking to broaden your desktop horizon.

Mac OS X. The world?s most advanced operating system.
At the heart of every MacBook Air ? and every Mac ? is Mac OS X, an operating system custom made for the Intel multicore processors and advanced graphics inside. The latest version, Mac OS X Snow Leopard, is based on an entirely 64-bit architecture, and so are virtually all of the applications that come with a Mac. Translation: everything you do on your MacBook Air happens with dramatic speed and incredible overall performance.

Powerful applications that are easy to use.
Because Apple makes MacBook Air and the software that comes on it, everything works together perfectly. Becoming familiar with Apple applications takes almost no time because they all work in similar ways. So once you get the hang of one application, it takes little or no effort to master the others. And Apple understands portable productivity. Which is why we include features ? like Expos? and Spaces ? to help you access everything on your MacBook Air easily. With one keystroke or gesture, Expos? instantly tiles all your open windows, scales them down, and neatly arranges them in a grid, so you can see what?s in every single one. And Spaces lets you group windows together within their own desktop, or space, that you can move between quickly. Create a space for work, a space for play, a space for whatever you like. Together, Expos? and Spaces give you a big advantage when you?re multitasking on a small screen.

Even the everyday stuff is amazing.
Unlike a lot of PC notebooks, MacBook Air comes with everything you need to send email, manage your calendar, organize your contacts, and more. And it?s ready to do all these things minutes after you take it out of the box. That?s because every Mac comes with Mail for sending and receiving email, iCal for managing appointments and important events, Address Book for organizing your contacts, iTunes for all things entertainment, and other fun and useful applications that?ll have you wondering how you ever lived without them.

One thing a Mac doesn?t do: Get PC viruses.
Trojan horses, worms, email viruses. The digital world can be a scary place. Thankfully, a Mac isn?t susceptible to the thousands of viruses plaguing Windows-based computers. Mac OS X comes with built-in defenses that keep you safe, without any work on your part. And when a potential security threat arises, Apple responds quickly by providing software updates and security enhancements you can download automatically and install with a click.

Wireless networking made pick-and-choose easy.
See a network, join a network. With a Mac, getting online via Wi-Fi is just that easy. One click of the AirPort icon in the menu bar gives you a list of available networks. Select the one you want to join, enter the password, if necessary, and you?re up and running.

Automatic backup saves the day. And the week, month, and year.
Backing up is essential. Yet you probably don?t do it as often as you should. That?s why your MacBook Air bears the burden of backing up for you. Time Machine, an application that comes on every Mac, automatically backs up your entire system to your external hard drive or Time Capsule. Time Machine keeps a spare copy of every file, and it also remembers how your system looked on a given day. So you can revisit your Mac as it appeared in the past.

iPhoto. The Mac way to organize, edit, and share your photos.
iPhoto is an easy-to-use photo application that makes it fast and fun to organize and find your pictures, as well as make them look their absolute best. With features like Faces, Places, and Events, iPhoto helps you keep track of your photos by who?s in them, where you were, and when you took them ? all in an immersive full-screen view. Use quick and simple editing tools to make so-so shots picture perfect with just a few clicks. iPhoto even lets you share your photos with the world with beautiful photo books and letterpress cards or online via Facebook, MobileMe, and Flickr.

iMovie. Turn your home movies into home blockbusters.
Don?t settle for boring home movies. With iMovie, you can transform the videos you shoot into your very own indie flicks. Create a Hollywood-style trailer that?ll make your audience laugh, cry, and cheer for more. If you know how to drag and drop, you can make a movie in iMovie. It comes with Apple-designed themes that look fun and professional. Just choose one and iMovie does the rest, adding animated titles and sophisticated transitions automatically. Customize your screen gem further with your own words and audio.

GarageBand. Put the spotlight on your inner rock star.
Whether you?re musically gifted or mostly curious, GarageBand is the application for you. Plug in your electric guitar or USB music keyboard and get ready to rock with virtual replicas of the most revered amps and stompboxes in the world, as well as over 100 software instruments. Just because you didn?t grow up learning your A, B, and C sharp doesn?t mean you can?t. Basic Lessons teach you just that: the basics. Choose from 40 lessons that cover blues guitar, rock guitar, classical piano, pop piano, and more. Or get a private lesson from one of your musical heroes, like Sting or Death Cab for Cutie, with Artist Lessons.2 GarageBand even tells you how well you?re playing in real time with a feature called ?How Did I Play??

1. Testing conducted by Apple in October 2010 using preproduction 2.13GHz Intel Core 2 Duo?based 13-inch MacBook Air units and preproduction 1.6GHz Intel Core 2 Duo?based 11-inch MacBook Air units with NVIDIA GeForce 320M. 2.13GHz Intel Core 2 Duo-based 13-inch MacBook Air units with NVIDIA GeForce 9400M were production units. All preproduction systems were configured with 4GB of RAM. All production units were configured with 2GB of RAM. Call of Duty 4 v1.7.1 tested using Timedemoambush, Timedemobog, and Timedemopipeline at native resolutions. Portal v(4295)(400) tested using Mydemo1 at native resolutions. MacBook Air continuously monitors system thermal and power conditions, and may adjust processor speed as needed to maintain optimal system operation.
2. Testing conducted by Apple in October 2010 using preproduction 2.13GHz Intel Core 2 Duo-based 13-inch MacBook Air units with 256GB flash drive and preproduction 1.6GHz Intel Core 2 Duo-based 11-inch MacBook Air units with 128GB flash drive. The 2.4GHz Intel Core 2 Duo-based 13-inch MacBook units with 250GB 5400-rpm hard drive were production units. All preproduction systems were configured with 4GB of RAM. All production units were configured with 2GB of RAM. MacBook and MacBook Air continuously monitor system thermal and power conditions, and may adjust processor speed as needed to maintain optimal system operation.
3. Testing conducted by Apple in September 2010 using preproduction 1.86GHz Intel Core 2 Duo?based 13-inch MacBook Air units and preproduction 1.4GHz Intel Core 2 Duo?based 11-inch MacBook Air units. The wireless productivity test measures battery life by wirelessly browsing 25 popular websites with display brightness set to 50%. Standby testing conducted by Apple in September 2010 using preproduction 1.86GHz and 2.13GHz Intel Core 2 Duo?based 13-inch MacBook Air units as well as preproduction 1.4GHz and 1.6GHz Intel Core 2 Duo?based 11-inch MacBook Air units. The standby test measures battery life by allowing a system, connected to a wireless network, to enter deep sleep mode with Safari and Mail applications launched and all system settings left at default. Battery life varies by use and configuration. See www.apple.com/batteries for more information.
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