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3D Glasses for sale

Take advantage of your new TV’s 3D capabilities by purchasing some 3D glasses today.   Witness jaw dropping action and breathtaking effects when watching your favorite movie in 3D.  To get 3D in your home, you’ll need a 3D TV, a 3D source (such as a 3D Blu-ray player ), and 3D glasses.  OneCall carries both active shutter and passive 3D glasses.  If you’re not sure which type you need, feel free to call one of our friendly customer service agents.  We love to talk with our customers.

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  1. JVC for sale. JVC PK AG3 Main. 3D Glasse deals.

    JVC PKAG3G 3D RF Active Shutter Glasses

    • 100 hour operation with full 2.5 hour charge.
    • Optically matched for high brightness and color accuracy.
    • USB charging cable and protective bag provided


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  2. JVC for sale. JVC PK EM2 Main. 3D Glasse deals.

    JVC PKEM2G 3D RF Emitter

    • Easy to install simply plug into the back of the projector.
    • 30 foot range in any direction from the emitter.
    • 3D RF Emitter for all JVC 3D projectors.


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  3. Samsung for sale. Samsung SSG3570CR. Video Accessory deals.

    Samsung SSG3570CR Rechargeable 3D Glasses

    • Quick charging.
    • Recharge glasses via USB source.
    • Automatic on/off sensor.


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  4. Samsung for sale. Samsung SSG 5150GB. 3D Glasse deals.

    Samsung SSG5150GB Battery 3D Glasses

    • Long battery life for hours of 3D Viewing.
    • Full HD 3D glasses initiative allows viewing on other sets.
    • Flexible temple support & lightweight, uni–size design


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