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Niles SWA-500M Subwoofer Amplifiier for SW10WM

New Niles for sale. Niles SWA500M. Mono Amplifier deals.

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  • New Niles for sale. Niles SWA500M. Mono Amplifier deals.
Top Features
  • 500 Watts Continuous Output Power
  • Delivers strong, smooth bass
  • Deliver more power with reduced current demands

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Niles SWA-500M Subwoofer Amplifiier for SW10WM

Bass or low frequency effect (LFE) is a critical part of a well designed audio/video system. The Niles SWA-500M is a highly efficient Class D amplifier designed specifically for up to two passive (non-powered) subwoofers. When combined with high quality subwoofers, the SWA-500M will provide excellent bass reinforcement for home theater and home audio applications. Installing the right amplifier for your subwoofer(s) will give you that thunderous, accurate bass that makes movies and music so enjoyable.The SWA-500M uses the latest Class D technology. Class D amplifiers are beautifully efficient so you’ll get a lot more power with less current. Less input current reduces power supply size and generates less waste heat. This process allows Class D amps like the SWA-500M to produce more power than amps of larger size. As you read this manual and become more familiar with the SWA-500M and Class D technology, you’ll understand why Niles products are unequaled.
  • 500 Watts Continuous Output Power
  • Delivers strong, smooth bass
  • Deliver more power with reduced current demands
The SWA-500M Class D amplifier is designed specifically for bass reinforcement for passive (non- powered) subwoofers. The SWA-500M provides 500 Watts Continuous Output Power (<1% THD +N into 4 ohm). Because the SWA-500M’s power output is dedicated to low frequency effects, you’ll get the maximum performance your subwoofer(s) can provide.

The SWA-500M Class D amplifier will deliver strong, smooth bass with breathtaking realism. The advanced audio circuitry and high quality components inside the SWA-500M deliver fast and accurate power to your subwoofers. Variable low pass/variable high pass filters reduce unwanted frequencies so your subwoofers can focus on what they do best—reproducing great low frequency sound effects.

The SWA-500M’s digital amplifier circuitry and quality components ensure superior sound quality. This high power stand-alone subwoofer amplifier will deliver more power with reduced current demands than conventional amplifiers.

The SWA-500M’s controls are located in the front and enable you to set the desired bass level according to your personal taste for music and movies. A bass boost selector located on the back enables you to select a frequency to enhance the sound of the connected subwoofer(s).

Whether you have a large dedicated home theater, sophisticated listening room, or a simple audio/video system, the SWA-500M can be configured for use with various audio components like preamp processors and receivers. In addition, the SWA-500M’s internal circuitry and sub switch feature allow you to connect up to two passive subwoofers (the recommended number by home theater professionals) and enjoy rich bass with superior sonic quality.

Since 1978, Niles Audio has been a leading manufacturer of custom-installed home entertainment products. Recognized around the world for designing and manufacturing reliable, durable, solution-based products, Niles offers more than 500 products for whole-house distribution and integration of audio/video systems, loudspeakers, receivers, amplifiers, automation devices, controls, and accessories.
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Product ID 108040
UPC 760514013612
Brand Niles
SKU 108040
Manufacturers Part Number SWA-500M
Detailed Specifications
  • Continuous Output Power: <1% THD +N into 4 ohms: 500 watts, S/N ratio > 90dB
  • Volume Max and Input Shield Grounded: <2.0 mV
  • Variable Low Pass Filter: 12 dB per octave -3dB @ 40Hz minimum position -3dB @ 120Hz maximum position
  • Fixed Low Pass Filter: 6dB per octave -3dB @ 125Hz
  • Variable High Pass Filter: 12 dB per octave selectable switch, Auto Turn on sensitivity 3.0mV 50 Hz input
  • Input Sensitivity Rated Power: 250 mV of input
  • High Level Input Sensitivity Rate Power: >3 volts of input
  • Delay off time: 15-20 minutes
  • Power requirements: 120/230 switchable internal
  • AC Cord IEC Removable: Two prong
  • High Pot Test: 2kV@2mA, 60Hz, 2 sec.
  • Variable Line Level Output High Pass 12dB/Octave: 3dB @ 60Hz – Knob full counter clockwise, 3dB @160Hz – Knob full clockwise
  • Manufacturer Warranty Lifetime Warranty

    Niles Warranty Included:

    Lifetime Warranty

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