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Subwoofers for sale

Low frequencies add that essential punch to your home theater or audio system’s performance.  Some rooms may benefit from a larger, more powerful sub where other rooms may require two smaller subwoofers for an evenly distributed bass.  For easy shopping, home theater in-a-box packages include a powered subwoofer with matching speakers.  Audio enthusiast, however, may want to hand pick their subwoofer.  Check out our selection of powered subwoofers and choose the one that is right for you.  Watch the care we take when shipping your subwoofer and enjoy our top rated service today.

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  1. New Yamaha for sale. Yamaha YST SW216BL. Subwoofer deals.

    Yamaha YSTSW216BL 10-inch 100 Watt Powered Subwoofer

    • Advanced Yamaha Active Servo Technology II
    • Front-Firing Active Subwoofer
    • 10" Long-Stroke Cone Driver


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  2. Yamaha for sale. YSTFSW150BLlarge. Subwoofer deals.

    Yamaha YST-FSW150 Black Slim Design Powered Subwoofers

    • 30 -150 Hz low frequency response
    • 130W High dynamic power
    • Linear Port for minimizing extraneous noise
    • Down-firing active design
    • Rack mountable design matches front surround systems and micro component systems


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  3. Yamaha for sale. Yamaha HS8S. Powered Subwoofer deals.

    Yamaha HS8S Black 8-inch Powered Subwoofer

    • 8" powered subwoofer delivers lows down to 22Hz
    • 22Hz – 150Hz frequency response
    • 150W amplifier exclusively designed for bass
    • LOW CUT switch, LOW CUT and HIGH CUT control (80–120 Hz)


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3 Item(s)

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