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Panamax MX5102 Home Theater Power Management with Battery Back-up

Panamax  MX5102 Home Theater Power Management with Battery Back-up

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Top Features
  • Linear Noise Filtration Technology (Lift)
  • 600VA UPS 2 Outlets
  • Surge Protection with Automatic Voltage Monitoring (AVM)
  • Dual Learning IR Output Controls

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Panamax MX5102 Home Theater Power Management with Battery Back-up

COMBINES POWER MANAGEMENT, SURGE PROTECTION WITH AVM AND BATTERY BACKUP TO PROVIDE THE COMPLETE SOLUTION!Panamax’s MX5102 is specially designed and engineered for home theater systems. In addition to power management the battery backup prevents processor controlled devices and hard drive based sources from losing critical data and set up configurations, as well as allowing for a proper shut down procedure. Battery Backup
MX5102 prevents critical equipment from losing setup configuration, stored data and hard-disk crashes. Shuts off projection equipment via IR control to allow the projector bulbs to go through a proper cool-down cycle before shutting off.
Improves Picture and Sound Quality

Level 3 Power Cleaning and Linear Filtration eliminates common symptoms of contaminated power (including loss of detail, pops, hisses, hums and visual artifacts) and allows your A/V equipment to perform up to its full capability.
Reduces Cross-Contamination Between Components

The MX5102 is designed to provide noise isolation between 4 isolated outlet banks including 2 high current, and 2 battery backup outlets so that any noise created by an A/V component can not contaminate the power going to equipment plugged into another outlet bank.
Monitors Incoming Line Voltage and Provides a Visual Indication of Power Level

Panamax’s patent pending AVM circuitry continuously monitors the incoming power as displayed on the digital voltmeter. In case of an undervoltage or an overvoltage, a flashing red LED will be displayed on the front panel, and power to the connected equipment is automatically turned off for all outlets except for the battery connected outlets, if either of these conditions is detected. When voltage returns to a safe level, power to the equipment is automatically reconnected.
Q & A
Features & Specs

Additional Information

Product ID 99652
UPC 050616008501
Brand Panamax
SKU 99652
Manufacturers Part Number MX5102
Detailed Specifications General
  • Weight 27 lbs.

  • Product Warranty 3 Years

  • Dimensions 17"W x 13"D x 4"H

  • AC Power
  • Undervoltage Shutoff 90 ± 5V

  • Total Current Capacity 12:00 AM

  • Thermal Fusing Yes

  • Overvoltage Shutoff, slow rise 132 ± 5V

  • Overvoltage Shutoff, fast rise 150 ± 5V

  • Line Voltage 120V, 60Hz

  • Energy Dissipation 1800 Joules

  • Catastrophic Surge Circuit Yes

  • EMI/RFI Noise Filtration
  • Attenuation 30dB min from 100kHz-2MHz

  • 50dB max @ 270kHz

  • UPS Output
  • Voltage 120 ± 5% Simulated Sine Wave

  • UPS Transfer Time < 10ms

  • UPS Output Capacity 600VA 360W @ 0.6f

  • UPS Backup Time 3 minutes at full load

  • Frequency 60 Hz ± 1%

    DC Trigger Input
  • Voltage and Polarity 3 - 18V DC, bidirectional

  • Jacks 3.5mm (1/8") mono mini-plug

  • Current Requirement 4.6 mA @ 3V, 58 mA @ 24V

  • LAN Circuits
  • Wires Protected 8-Wires

  • Jacks RJ-45

  • Clamping Level 50V

  • Telephone Circuit
  • Wires Protected 2-Wires, Pins 4 & 5

  • Suppression Modes Metallic & Longitudinal

  • Jacks RJ-11

  • Fuseless/Auto-Resetting Yes

  • Clamping Level 270V

  • Cable and Satellite Circuits
  • Shielded Yes

  • Insertion Loss < 0.5 dB

  • HD 1080 i/p Ready Yes

  • Frequency Range 0MHz - 2.2 GHz

  • Connections Female "F", Gold Plated

  • Clamping Level 75V

  • Bidirectional Yes
  • Manufacturer Warranty 3 Year Warranty
    Product Weight 27
    Width (inches) 17

    Panamax Warranty Included:

    3 Year Warranty