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Panasonic Viera TCP55GT50 55-inch 3D Plasma TV

New Panasonic for sale. Panasonic Viera TC P65GT50. 3D Television deals.

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  • New Panasonic for sale. Panasonic Viera TC P65GT50. 3D Television deals.
  • New Panasonic for sale. TC P65GT50 L Angle cmyk. Plasma Television deals.
  • New Panasonic for sale. TC P65GT50 R Angle cmyk. Plasma Television deals.
  • New Panasonic for sale. Panasonic TCP55GT50 Energy Guides. 3D Television deals.
Top Features
  • 1080p Resolution, G15 Progressive NeoPlasma Panel
  • 4 HDMI, 1 Component Video, PC Input
  • Built-in WiFi, THX® 3D Certified Display

SKU# 116552


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Panasonic Viera TCP55GT50 55-inch 3D Plasma TV

Crisp, Clear Moving Pictures - 2,500 Focused Field Drive
This original Panasonic technology detects image movements like the human eye, and optimizes the drive accordingly. By achieving instantaneously powerful light emission rather than finely divided emission, it reduces the afterimages that cause blurring. As a result, fast movement is reproduced with excellent clarity.

Deeper Blacks Even in Bright Rooms - Infinite Black Pro
Enhancements to the panel and cells help reproduce images with smooth, natural gradation and deep, rich blacks - even when viewed in bright surroundings. In movies, the true, deep blacks faithfully convey the intent of the filmmakers, adding power and realism to the viewing experience.

Richer Black Details - 24,576 Equivalent Steps of Gradation
Even highly nuanced black images in dark areas that were previously impossible to express are now rendered with incredible fidelity. Finer light emission due to a newly developed drive technology raises the steps of gradation by as much as four times over previous systems. Nighttime skies and other dark areas that were prone to blocked shadows are beautifully reproduced.
* When using Cinema mode.

Color Reproduction Faithful to the Original - 1,080p Pure Direct
The 1,080p Pure Direct function transmits and outputs high-quality YUV 4:4:4 30-bit video signals directly to the TV. This reproduces colors that are highly faithful to the original.

Beautifully Reproduced Crisp Lines - Pure Image Creation
Diagonal lines and edges are detected with high precision in each scene for all types of images, and optimal correction is applied to achieve beautiful, highly natural, noise-free lines.

Expressive, Lifelike Colors - Vivid Color Creation
The brightness, saturation, contrast and sharpness of colors are finely compensated in each scene. Highly vivid colors are produced with hardly any mutual interference. People`s faces are also detected, and skin tones are beautifully corrected to ensure soft, natural complexions.

Smooth Reproduction of Web Movies - Web Smoother
The blurring that often happens in web images is eliminated to produce naturally smooth motion.

Easily Convert 2D Images into 3D
Unique Panasonic technology converts 2D images into high-quality 3D images in real-time. The image depth is analyzed from the compositional, color and brightness data of each scene, to convert 2D images into naturally beautiful 3D images. In addition to ordinary TV programs, this method can be used to convert a variety of 2D images — such as web content, Blu-ray Disc™ media, and photos and movies saved onto SD Memory Cards — into 3D images with a high level of precision.
* When a 2D source is converted to 3D, the 3D effect is slightly less pronounced than with 3D sources.

Movie Content with Smooth Playback - 3D 24p Cinema Smoother
Enjoy naturally flowing 24p films and familiar TV-like quality. In plasma displays, increasing the number of frames creates smoother images. When reproducing images from a 24p film source, VIERA`s 24p cinema smoother function generates smooth, natural-looking images.

Turn Your Living Room into a 3D Theater - THX® 3D Certified Display
In order to enjoy the original image quality of a movie, you need to have a display that portrays the images exactly as the movie`s creators intended. VIERA has cleared the high standards set by the THX Certified Display Program. It reproduces both 2D and 3D images with cinema-like quality. Enjoy beautiful images that are optimal for movies.
* THX and the THX logo are trademarks of THX Ltd. which are registered in some jurisdictions. The THX 3D logo is a trademark of THX Ltd. All rights reserved.

A New TV Sound Experience - 3D Real Sound with 8-Train Speakers
  • Speaker System - 8-Train Speakers
    Eight dome-type microspeakers with reflectors deliver wide-ranging, high-quality sound. Only about 8 mm thick, these compact units also contribute to the beauty of the narrow-edge design.
  • Super Slim Sub-Woofer
    The sub-woofer, which is mounted to the rear surface of the panel, delivers robust bass sounds. Its super slim design, with a thickness of only 22 mm, helps to keep the entire display attractively thin.
  • Sound Lifting Driver
    Original Panasonic acoustic-field compensation technology produces highly accurate sound imaging. Matched to human auditory characteristics, the frequency for the bandwidth in which the sound is located is adjusted and the optimal compensation is applied.
Change the Way You Operate - VIERA remote App Support: Smartphone Remote
VIERA remote App lets you use a smartphone or tablet device as a remote control. Tap and flick-based commands are intuitive. Text input is easy, too, with familiar keyboard operation. These handy devices also make great gamepads.

Takes You to a New World - VIERA Connect
VIERA Connect is an internet service for TVs based on the use of cloud servers. It brings you video-on-demand (VOD), catch-up TV, games, educational content, and lots more, through a wide range of apps. It`s a great way to relax in your living room with family and friends.

Large-Screen Web Browsing with Your Family
The browser supports HTML5 pages, so you can browse the Internet much like you do with a PC. Unlike a PC, though, the large screen allows the whole family or a group of friends to comfortably view a wide variety of content.

Neat and Comfortable Wireless Internet Connection - WiFi Built-In
It is easy to connect to the internet or a home network by using the WiFi Built-In function. There is no need for cords or cables, so the layout is flexible and the room stays neat and uncluttered. Using a wireless connection for VIERA Connect and employing the DLNA function make it easy to share photos and movies.
* A wireless LAN environment is required to use the WiFi Built-In function.

A Home Network Linking the Entire House - DLNA
A DLNA-compatible VIERA makes network connection super easy. It makes content easy to share by linking equipment over a home network. Enjoy photos, movies, music and more in the living room, bedroom, or any room in the house.

Get More Excitement Out of Gaming - Game Mode
Games are much more fun when there`s no lag in operation. VIERA automatically chooses settings that provide the optimal image, so you get super-fast response and no delays. Even dark scenes with delicately rendered details are beautiful and easy to see. Game mode makes all of the game apps on VIERA Connect even more fun to play.

Play Various Types of Formats Easily - Media Player
Simply insert an SD Memory Card or USB memory stick into the slot to enjoy previously saved photos, video clips and music on VIERA`s large screen. You can also add frames and other effects to your photos and videos, and create slide shows complete with background music. A wide variety of formats are supported, so you can listen to PC-based music files and web movies right on your TV.
* Applicable formats vary depending on the model.

One Remote Controls Them All - VIERA Link™
VIERA Link interlinks the operation of various AV devices, so you can operate them all using only the VIERA remote. Setup is easy, too – simply connect the devices to each other via HDMI cables.

Environment-Friendly Panel - Mercury and Lead Free
Panasonic is committed to making our products more friendly to the environment. In line with this commitment, all VIERA plasma display panels are free of both lead and mercury. This reduces the impact on the environment years down the road when the TV is recycled or retired from use.

Years of Beautiful Images - Long Panel Life
One important way consumers can protect the environment is by choosing high-quality products and taking care of them so they last for a long time. A high-quality VIERA HDTV can help. Thanks to a newly designed phosphor process and rear panel process, our plasma panels last for up to 100,000 hours before the brightness decreases by half. That`s more than 30 years of viewing 8 hours a day.
* This measurement is based on the time taken for the brightness of the panel to reduce to half of its maximum level. The time taken to reach this level may vary depending on the image content and the environment where the TV is used. Image retention and malfunctions are not taken into account.
Q & A
Features & Specs

Additional Information

Product ID 116552
UPC 885170075856
Brand Panasonic
SKU 116552
Manufacturers Part Number Viera TCP55GT50
Detailed Specifications DISPLAY
  • Aspect Ratio 16:09
  • Number of Pixels 2,073,600 (1,920 x 1,080)
  • Panel G15 Progressive Full-HD NeoPlasma
  • HDTV Display Capability (1080p, 1080i, 720p) yes
  • Aspect Control 4:3, Zoom, Full, Just, H-fill for TV/AV modes / 4:3, Full for PC mode

  • Shades of Gradation 24,576 equivalent
  • Fast Swichig Phosphor yes
  • Filter Infinite Black Pro
  • Panel Drive 2,500 Focused Field Drive
  • 24p Playback (3:2)/24p Smooth yes/ yes
  • 24p Cinematic Playback 48 Hz
  • THX Mode yes (3D/2D)
  • Pro Setting yes
  • Smart VIERA Engine Pro
  • Smart VIERA Engine Pro (Dual core processor) yes
  • Pure Image Creation yes
  • Vivid Color Creation yes
  • Facial Retouch yes
  • Web Smoother yes
  • 1080p Pure Direct yes
  • Full HD 3D
  • 3D Panel yes (Active)
  • 3D 24p Cinema Smoother yes
  • 2D-3D Conversion yes (with Face Detection)

  • Sound System 3D Real Sound
  • Number of Speakers Front speaker (8 train speakers) x 2, Woofer (?80 mm) x 1
  • Audio Output 18 W (4 + 4 + 10)
  • Surround Sound AV Surround

  • Integrated ATSC Tuner yes
  • HDMI Input null / 4 (4 side)
  • Support Feature Audio Return Channel (Input 2)
  • SD Card yes (SDXC)
  • USB2.0 3
  • Analog Audio Input ( for HDMI/DVI) yes
  • Composite Video Input shared with Component RCA x 1 (lower) *
  • Audio Input (for Composite Video) RCA x 1 (lower) *
  • PC Input D-sub 15-pin x 1 (lower) *
  • Component Video Input (Y, PB, PR) shared with Composite RCA x 1 (lower) *
  • Audio Input (for Component Video) RCA x 1 (lower) *
  • Ethernet 1 (lower)
  • Digital Audio Output (Optical) 1 (lower)

  • VIERA Connect (IPTV) yes
  • Web Browser yes
  • Skype while watching TV yes
  • Multitasking yes
  • Social Networking TV (Faceboook/Twitter) yes
  • VIERA Remote App Support yes
  • Wireless LAN Adaptor yes (built-in)
  • DLNA yes
  • Media Player null / yes (SD Card/USB)
  • Support Format AVCHD 3D/Progressive, SD-VIDEO/MotionJPEG (Lumix)/MKV/MP4/MOV/M4v/FLV/3GPP/VRO/VOB/TS/PS, MP3/AAC/FLAC, JPEG/MPO
  • VIERA Link yes
  • VIERA Tools yes
  • Eco Mode yes
  • Game Mode yes
  • Pixel Orbiter (Anti-Image Retention) yes
  • Trilingual Menu (English/Spanish/French) yes
  • Built-In Closed Caption Decoder yes
  • Off - Timers yes
  • E-Help yes

  • Power Supply 1 AC 120 V, 60Hz
  • Receiving System ATSC/QAM/NTSC
  • Dimensions with stand
  • Height [inches (mm)] 32.3" (818 mm)
  • Width [inches (mm)] 50.6" (1,285 mm)
  • Depth [inches (mm)] 14.1" (357 mm)
  • Dimensions W/O stand
  • Height [inches (mm)] 30.3" (769 mm)
  • Width [inches (mm)] 50.6" (1,285 mm)
  • Depth [inches (mm)] Max.: 1.9" (47 mm); General: 1.7" (41 mm)
  • Weight with stand [lbs (kg)] 71.7 lbs. (32.5 kg)
  • Weight W/O stand [lbs (kg)] 62.9 lbs. (28.5 kg)
  • Operating Temperature 32°F - 104°F (0°C - 40°C)
  • Safety Standard US: UL60065/FCC Part15, CANADA: CSA C22.2/IC BETS-7
  • Product Weight 71.7
    Screen Size 55 inch
    Refresh Rate 2,500 Focused Field Drive
    Tuner Yes
    HDMI Inputs 4
    Component Video Inputs 1
    HDMI Outputs 4
    Component Video Outputs 1
    Remote Control Yes
    Width (inches) 50.6
    Height (inches) 32.3