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Pentax K5 w/1855mm Lens 16.3-megapixel Digital SLR

New Pentax for sale. Pentax K5 Kit Rev II. Digital SLR deals.

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  • New Pentax for sale. Pentax K5 Kit Rev II. Digital SLR deals.
  • New Pentax for sale. Pentax K-5 Kit Wet. Digital SLR deals.
  • New Pentax for sale. Pentax K5 Kit Wet. Digital Camera deals.
Top Features
  • Lightweight and Sturdy Magnesium Alloy Chassis.
  • 16MP CMOS sensor with Prime II 14–bit RAW.
  • 11–point focusing system with 9 cross–type.
  • In–body Shake Reduction system

SKU# 121239


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What's in the box
  • K5 Camera
  • 18–55mm Lens
  • USB cable I–USB7
  • AV cable I–AVC7
  • Strap O–ST53
  • ME Viewfinder Cap
  • Rechargeable Lithium–ion Battery D–LI90
  • Battery Charger D–BC90
  • AC plug cord
  • Software (CD–ROM)
  • S–SW110 (Mounted to the camera)
  • Eyecup FR
  • Hot shoe cover FK
  • Body mount cover
  • Sync socket 2P cap

Pentax K5 w/1855mm Lens 16.3-megapixel Digital SLR

Pentax K5 Digital SLR Camera Discover the art of ISO 51200! Designed with dicovery in mind the Pentax K5 was built to be a camera that will let you take it with you everywhere. The rugged and lightweight magnesium alloy body is weather and dust sealed, so you won´t have to worry about the environment around you. The 16 megapixel CMOS sensor captures every minute detail, and at ISO 51200 every lighting condition. The 11–point focusing system locks on to any subject and captures it at 7.0 frames per second. A camera ready to explore no matter where life may take you.

In–body Shake Reduction system
The K–5 comes equipped with the PENTAX–developed image–sensor–shift–type SR (Shake Reduction) mechanism. Compatible with all PENTAX interchangeable lenses, this sophisticated mechanism effectively compensates for the adverse effect of camera shake by up to approximately four shutter steps,* even at dimly lit locations or during shooting with a telephoto lens.

* The extent of shake reduction may vary depending on the lens used and/or photographic conditions.
Note: The SR system should be turned off when the camera is mounted on a tripod.

Upgraded Custom Image function
Custom images allow you to better reach your creative goals by adjusting the image´s color scheme and ambience. The K–5 features new Reversal Film and Bleach Bypass modes to give you greater flexibility in creative expression. In addition, this function now offers a new parameter called Extra Sharpness, which is designed to produce images more vivid and fine–detailed than those created by the conventional Fine Sharpness option. When applied in landscape photography, this new parameter delivers extra–fine images with edge–to–edge sharpness.

Dependable white–balance control system, featuring the unique CTE mode
The K–5 assures extra–accurate white–balance control by adding the lighting data detected by the light–source sensor to the color–temperature data obtained by the image sensor. In addition to an array of preset options to accommodate various light sources, it also provides a manual–control option that lets you register up to three different color temperatures of your choice. It also comes with the PENTAX–original CTE option, which is designed to emphasize the primary color of the image.

Dynamic–range expansion
When faced with high–contrast scenes, the K–5 allows you to expand the dynamic range to minimize both whitewashed and pitch–black areas lacking details. You can also use this function to adjust for the brightness difference between the subject and the background. Highlights can be compensated for up to approximately 1EV, while shadows can be adjusted in three levels (low, medium, and high). They can be compensated either independently or simultaneously.

High–sensitivity NR function
The K–5´s high–sensitivity noise–reduction function can be not only turned on and off, but it also offers a choice of a reduction level from low, medium and high (with an identical noise–reduction effect applied to all ISO sensitivity settings). Via a custom function, you can even assign an Off mode or one of three reduction levels to each ISO sensitivity setting, allowing you to react effortlessly and flexibly to various creative requirements and photographic conditions.

Buffer RAW Memory
The K–5 allows you to create an additional RAW–format file of an already–captured JPEG–format image after shooting.** When the AE–L button is pressed during image playback, RAW–format data stored in the camera´s buffer memory is transferred to and saved on the memory card. This convenient function comes in handy when you want to develop your image in ways other than the original JPEG–format image.

** Only the last image taken can be stored as a RAW–format file. (During continuous shooting, only the final image of a sequence can be stored; during HDR shooting, only the normal–exposure image can be stored.)

High–performance PRIME II 14–bit RAW data processing
The K–5 incorporates the state–of–the–art PRIME II imaging engine, which now features a new algorithm to process 14–bit RAW–format image data output by the camera´s imaging system without any compression (meaning that it is theoretically capable of processing approximately four times more image data than its 12–bit counterpart). This means that this engine delivers high–quality images far superior in gradation and resolution to previous engines. In addition, the camera´s buffer capacity is almost doubled to accommodate the data–rich images created by the exceptional imaging power of 16 effective megapixels and 14–bit data processing.

Live View function
With a single push of the LV (Live View) button located on the back of the camera body, you can instantly switch from viewfinder shooting to live–view shooting. Since all camera settings you have used during viewfinder shooting – ranging from shooting and finishing–touch modes to image–composition fine–adjustment and digital level functions – are retained, you can take full advantage of all these features while viewing the subject image on the LCD monitor.

Improved live–view shooting
In addition to the standard phase–matching AF mode available during viewfinder shooting, the K–5 also offers Contrast AF and Face Recognition AF (Contrast AF combined with a face recognition function) modes during live–view shooting. Thanks to the adoption of a new AF algorithm, the K–5 offers much–improved, high–speed Contrast AF operation, assuring quick, pinpoint focus on the subject.

Responsive 11–point AF system
The K–5´s sophisticated AF system captures the subject with great precision and speed. Featuring nine cross–shaped sensors in the middle of the image field, it works with unfailing accuracy with all types of subjects – even with striped patterns, which linear sensors often have trouble detecting. In the Select mode, a push on the OK button lets you set a focus point in the middle sensor, while a long push on this button lets you shift a focus point to any of the sensors via four–way controller control.

Sophisticated metering system
The K–5´s advanced 77–segment multi–pattern metering system covers all 11 AF sensor points to accurately measure the lighting condition over the entire image field. The system comprehensively assesses all exposure data, including the camera´s orientation (vertical or horizontal), distance to the subject and magnification. This helps minimize the adverse effect of point light sources and prevents excessive underexposure of subjects in backlight. The K–5 also offers a choice of metering mode from 77–segment metering, center–weighted metering and spot metering.

Magnesium alloy casing
The K–5´s body features a monocoque structure in which the exterior casing also functions as the main frame – a unique design that reinforces the entire body and provides solid protection for internal mechanisms. Its use of magnesium alloy contributes to higher rigidity and reduced weight. It also possesses an outstanding damping capacity to effectively absorb external shock, as well as excellent heat–radiating and electromagnetic–shielding capacities to suppress digital noise. All together, the K–5´s body has been built with the durability and functionality to withstand years of heavy–duty use.

Dustproof, weather–resistant construction
To prevent rain, dust, sand and other foreign substances from entering the camera body, the K–5 features a dependable dustproof, weather–resistant construction. Special seals are meticulously applied to all buttons and dials, all seams between outer body parts, and all movable parts such as the back cover. Both the optional D–BG4 Battery Grip and DA–star lenses also feature the same reliable construction, completing a highly airtight photographic system that performs superbly in even the roughest conditions.

High–performance 100–percent viewfinder
The ideal viewfinder would provide a 100–percent field of view and a high magnification, so that it gives the photographer a clear, bright view of the entire image field with all types of subjects. For this reason, the K–5´s high–performance viewfinder combines a high–grade glass pentaprism, high–performance finder optics and an advanced SR mechanism to assure a 100–percent field of view and an approximately 0.92–times magnification (with a 50mm F1.4 lens set at infinity). With the subject appearing larger, sharper and brighter in the viewfinder, shooting is more enjoyable and comfortable, without eye fatigue.

Digital filters
Digital filters let you add various visual effects to your images with great ease. With the addition of new Twinkle, Sketch and Posterization options, the K–5 offers a choice of 18 digital filters (or eight filters during shooting, including a Custom filter). You can even apply multiple filters (up to 20 filters, including a digital filter used during shooting) to a single image to produce a more creative, eye–catching image.

Q & A
Features & Specs

Additional Information

Product ID 121239
UPC 027075176683
Brand Pentax
SKU 121239
Manufacturers Part Number K5 w/1855mm Lens
Manufacturer Warranty 1 Year Parts
Product Weight 1.63
Detailed Specifications Model Description
  • Type – TTL autofocus, auto–exposure SLR digital–still camera with built–in retractable P–TTL flash
  • Lens Mount – PENTAX KAF2 bayonet mount (AF coupler, lens information contacts, K–mount with power contacts)
  • Compatible Lens – KAF3, KAF2 (power zoom compatible), KAF, KA mount lens

  • Image Capture Unit
  • Image Sensor – Primary color filter, CMOS. Size: 23.7 x 15.7 (mm)
  • Effective Pixels – Approx 16.28 megapixels
  • Total Pixels – Approx 16.93 megapixels
  • Dust Removal – Image sensor cleaning using ultrasonic vibrations "DR II" with the Dust Alert function
  • Sensitivity (Standard Output) – AUTO/100 to 12800 (EV steps can be set to 1EV, 1/2EV, or 1/3EV), expandable from ISO 80 up to ISO 51200. Up to ISO 1600 in Bulb mode.

  • Motion blur compensation
  • Type/construction – CMOS image sensor shift
  • Effective Compensation Range – Up to 4EV (depending on the used lens type and shooting conditions)

  • File Formats
  • File format – RAW (PEF/DNG), JPEG (Exif 2.21), DCF2.0 compliant
  • Recorded Pixel – JPEG: 16M (4928x3264 pixels), 10M (3936x2624 pixels), 6M (3072x2048 pixels), 2M (1728x1152 pixels) RAW: 16M (4928x3264 pixels)
  • Quality Level – RAW (14bit): PEF, DNG JPEG: starstarstarstar (Premium), starstarstar (Best), starstar (Better), star (Good), RAW + JPEG simultaneous capturing available
  • Color Space – sRGB, AdobeRGB
  • Storage Medium – SD/SDHC Memory Card
  • Storage Folder – Date (100_1018,101_1019...) / PENTX (100PENTX, 101PENTX...)

  • View finder
  • Type – Pentaprism Finder
  • Coverage (FOV) – Approx. 100%
  • Magnification – Approx. 0.92x (50mmF1.4 at infinity)
  • Eye–Relief Length – Approx. 21.7mm (from the view window), Approx 24.5mm (from the center of lens)
  • Diopter Adjustment – Approx. –2.5m to + 1.5m–1
  • Focusing Screen – Interchangeable Natural–Bright–Matte III focusing screen

  • Live View
  • Type – TTL method using CMOS image sensor
  • Focusing Mechanism – Contrast detection + Face detection / Contrast detection / Phase matching
  • Display – Field of View approx. 100%, Magnified view (AF mode: 2x, 4x, 6x / MF mode: 2x, 4x, 6x, 8x, 10x), Grid display (4x4 Grid, Golden Section, Scale display), Bright/dark area warning, Histogram

  • LCD Monitor
  • Type – Wide viewing angle TFT color LCD with AR coating
  • Size – 3.0 inch
  • Dots – Approx. 921,000 dots
  • Adjustment – Brightness and colors adjustable

  • Preview
  • Type – Optical preview, digital preview

  • White Balance
  • Auto – Method using a combination of the CMOS image sensor and the light source detection sensor
  • Preset – Daylight, Shade, Cloudy, Fluorescent Light (D:Daylight Color, N:Daylight White, W:Cool White, L:Warm White), Tungsten Light, Flash, CTE, Manual, Color Temperature
  • Manual – Configuration using the display screen (up to 3 settings can be saved),
  • Color Temperature settings (up to 3 settings can be saved),
  • Copying the white balance setting of a captured image
  • Fine Adjustment – Adjustable ±7 steps on A–B axis or G–M axis

  • Autofocus
    Color Black
    Lens Mount Pentax KAF II Mount
    Width (inches) 5.15
    Height (inches) 3.81
    Compatbile Battery D-LI90

    Pentax Warranty Included:

    1 Year Parts