Fujifilm X-M1 Camera Body - Black 16.3MP Mirrorless Digital Camera Body


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Details & Highlights

Details from Fujifilm

    Step up to DSLR–class image quality.
    Capture vibrant detail and color with the world renowned X–Trans CMOS Sensor and EXR PROCESSOR II. Only this originally developed APS–C size sensor can capture your images with Fujifilm signature image quality and color. Featuring sensor architecture that eliminates the need for an optical low–pass filter (OLPF*, the X–Trans CMOS Sensor can reproduce scenes with resolution and clarity rivaling a larger sensor. Experience the impact of high–sensitivity / low–noise performance in low–light scenes in all your every beautiful blur–free photos.

    Inimitable Fujifilm color.
    Fujifilm color reproduction quality is the sum of about 80 years of photographic film know–how. From beautiful soft skin tones to the deep azure of the skies, Fujifilm captures each scene just as your eye sees it and saves your memory as an exceptional photo.

    High Sensitivity for noise–free and blur–free photos even in low light.
    The high sensitivity performance of the X–Trans CMOS sensor and EXR PROCESSOR II lets you capture low–light scenes with crisp clarity, free from noise. Turn up the sensitivity and capture dynamic scene with confidence, even in dark conditions. You can shoot without a tripod and without fear of camera shake ruining your results.

    Built–in Super intelligent flash
    Built into the compact body is a versatile, smart flash to illuminate a variety of scenes with just the right amount of light.

    The X–series design DNA that defines the globally award–winning operability and styling of the FUJIFILM X–Pro1 and X–E1 is encoded in the new FUJIFILM X–M1.

    Simple "One Handed" Operation
    All dials and buttons are arranged on the right of the LCD for easy and direct control at your fingertips.

    Tilting Screen.
    The Freedom to perfectly frame high or low angle shots.

    With the ability to tilt the monitor up or down, you can hold the camera overhead to frame and shoot over a crowd, or low down to capture a different perpective from the ground up.

    High–performance lens lineup
    Fujifilm's precision optical technology and relentless pursuit of the ultimate in image quality have given birth to an impressive and growing lineup of lenses. Each is designed to be the brightest possible, easy to carry with you everywhere and compact. Every lens opens a window into a world of possibilities.

    The FUJIFILM X–SERIES digital camera app allows photographers the flexibility of having access to their instruction manuals without the necessity of carrying a printed version. With most X–Series cameras and lenses listed, photographers will be able to search the product features, have access to the Quickstart Guide, a parts listing, sample photos from the cameras and a full PDF of the Product Manual close at hand. Additionally, not only is there an authorized FUJIFILM X–Series dealer locator that can help the photographer on the go locate the nearest photo retailer but there is also an opt–in area for push notifications so that the photographer can receive information firmware updates and general Fujifilm Camera News.


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